Multibar rest split in all parts at only one specific location

Hello. I am editing parts and there is a multi-bar (multi-measure) rest at one point that is split in all affected parts. It should appear as a seven bar multi-rest but appears (immediately after a rehearsal mark) as one bar then a six bar multi-rest. I would like it to appear as a seven bar multi-rest. Some threads here have mentioned flags that may indicate what is causing this but I do not see any. All help appreciated. All other multi-rests in the piece are correct and unsplit.

Has the Rehearsal Mark or any other text been moved off the very first beat of the opening measure of the rest?

@Derrek - I have stepped away from my machine until tomorrow. This will be the first thing I will check. To clarify - do you mean in the score, the part, or either / both?

Another issue to check, as it’s often hardly visible: are there gradual dynamics extending into the first empty bar?
Edit to add: if it’s a piece with lyrics, check if there’s an extension line protruding from the last syllable. If necessary, re-input the last few words.


Mostly score, if it affects multiple parts.

@PjotrB @Derrek it was intruding dynamics. Thanks for the information.

@PjotrB @Derrek - it has happened once more only this time a tempo indication of quarter equals 80 bpm had to be hidden in the affected first bar in one of the parts - all multimeasure rests then corrected. Thanks again for your advice.