Multichannel CC controller

I am trying to send CC1 (which usually controls dynamics of a VST instrument) to 4 VST instruments on 4 different midi channels at once (using one finger). Is there a way inside Cubase to do that?

What I’m trying to achieve is natural dynamics of multi channel strings or brass for example using chord pads. When I load Violins I, Violins II, Violas, Cellos and bass all inside Kontakt and assign each instrument a separate midi channel, then set the instrument channel midi to “any” and play a chord on the pads, each note goes to a different channel and it sounds much better than playing a strings patch. However, there is not way to control dynamics with CC1 except for the corresponding midi channel of the CC slider :frowning:

Help is greatly appreciated.

You might be able to use MIDI Sends (available in the Inspector). It would allow you to set up extra channels (and/or instruments) and have them all controlled from the one track. However, with this method, you’d probably have to record the notes first (since you’re using Chord Pads), then set up another track with MIDI Sends to do the CC1 afterwards.