Multichannel drum samples in Cubase 6?

Greetings Peoples!
I don’t know if this is possible, or more importantly, if it is, how to approach it, but we have a bunch of multichannel drum samples from a session we’re working on and we need to build a song using them to stay consistent; we have 8 mics on the kit:

kick 1
kick 2

By multichannel (similar to superior/ez drummer by toontrack), I mean that for each kit sound, it is recorded through, in this case, 8 mics, so, for example, a snare hit, we also have it coming through the 2 kick mics, rack, floor, oh left, oh right and room mics. Same thing for everything else, to get the ambiance, etc… Unfortunately, there’s no way to use superior drummer or something similar to do this… (criminal I say!!!) Is there way I could use midi info and play these samples and have them output to 8 tracks/channels, etc… so that mixing it would the same as the rest of the project?

I realize these are some very crude and confusing articulations of we need here, so, if you have questions, please fire away, and thank you very much!