Multichannel editing

I do a lot of concert recordings with 3-4 channels. I would prefer to edit in Wavelab. I understand Wavelab is not a DAW, but can it smoothly handle this? I’d need the ability to trim the clips separately and apply separate processing to each.

This is perfectly possible. When you import a multichannel file into a montage, it is split into stereo/mono tracks, with independent clips on each one. This means each clip that constitutes a channel can be trimmed independently. I am not aware of any daw that can do this.

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Thanks, PG. We always appreciate your presence here.

I’ll work with it some. You can trim separately in Pro Tools, as long as you don’t use a single multichannel track. But I prefer WL as an editor.

it works really well, I use it this way almost daily, I do find I generally use less cpu putting processing on tracks rather than on individual clips, (so I may use more tracks and checkerboard needing processing and no processing) but its generally smooth and fast

For many use cases it would be better to leave the multichannel interleave files intact. There should be an option to do so.