Multichannel Fader Plugin As Insert With Faders For Each Channel?

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I’ve a 5.1 surround audio file as example (single wav) an put it to a single 5.1 audio track.

Is there a simply vst plugin I could insert just to reduce the center or the main L+R levels.
It should have 6 faders (for 5.1) and mute - solo would be great. So I could mute
the LFE or surround channels quickly.

Yes I could route this 5.1 to groups etc. and do it but a simple plugin would be handy.
Any ideas? Thanks a lot.

Best regards, Mike

Try Mix6To2 (in the surround category I think), could be what you’re looking for.

If you want to stay 5.1 mixer delay is perfect

Mixer Delay is the plugin that has the requested features. Because I want to stay in 5.1.
Thank you!