Multichannel files channel assignment

Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum. Running the SL7 Pro trial on MacOs Mojave. I have a 4 channel WAV file that has surround channel layout assigned as L/R/Ls/Rs (I used Soundminer 5 Pro to assign that metadata). When I open the file in SL7, SL7 insists that the channels are L/R/C/Cs. If I create an SL7 project with L/R/Ls/Rs channel asignment and try to import the WAV file, SL offers me to reformat the file by remixing the channels. Is there a way in SL7 to just correctly assign the channels of a multichannel quad file from scratch without remixing? Or which program should I use to assign the channel designation so that SL understands it correctly?

Hi Dmitry,

There’s a standard way to encode channel mapping in wav file and SL is supposed to comply with that standard; feel free to send me a 4 channel WAV file from Soundminer so I can double-check the encoding (either in PM or to contact[at]

Meanwhile, you can freely reassign channels in SL : just open the file as-is, then go to Project > Reformat… and set Mode to Reinterpret. This way your data won’t be resampled or remixed. Then in Configuration set it to Custom and check the channels that should apply to your file.

Hi Robin,

Thank you very much for the explanation! The Project > Reformat > Reinterpret workflow is working perfectly to manually assign the channel layout.

Regarding the automatic interpretation of channel assignments, I tried L/R/Ls/Rs WAV files exported from Pro Tools HD 11 and REAPER 6. ProTools files are interpreted correctly, REAPER files appear as L/R/C/Cs. I will prepare and send you some example files tomorrow.