Multichannel files, Nuendo and sound library (Soundminer)

Hello fellow sound designers,

which channel format do use to keep your multichannel audio files (5.1, e.g.) in your library?
Mono files, poly(-waves), or even interleaved-files for LR, LsRs etc? I want to do some rework over my multichannel audio, which by now is mostly stereo interleaved files for LR and LsRs resp. mono for C /LFE.
Considering both sides - using Soundminer as library tool and working in Nuendo - this seemed the most suitable way for me. So it’s possible to listen to sounds in SM in stereo (SM) drag them (or transfer) onto the right stereo/mono tracks in Nuendo.

How do you do it? Which do think is the best way?

Regards! Matthias