Multichannel Generic Low Latency ASIO

The Generic Low Latency ASIO is a pretty neat little driver. I like the flexibility and the decoupling from multiple applications - I use Nuendo, Wavelab and Dorico simultaneously (plus Resonic Pro) so this helps, in particular Nuendo likes to cause pops in other apps when it’s open …

However, it appears to only be two channel. Dorico only needs two but I need ATMOS elsewhere. Any thoughts on this? I don’t suppose you kind folks would be willing to open up the channel count on this driver?

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Would FlexASIO help with this?

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Or Voicemeeter?

I’ve tried ASIO4ALL. I’d prefer not adding arbitrary drivers, but may have to. My situation is complicated, recording should be 96kHz/32bit float for sound effects, but DANTE and studio is 48kHz for music and other work before final render.

Anyhow thanks for the suggestions, will look at those, but was wondering if @Ulf could comment if there’s any other requests to multichannel the low latency driver.

Hi Dan, no. Though the guy who wrote that driver still wants to do little improvements, but nothing large scale. And actually, what audio device are you using?
See, people who are serious about recording and sound quality usually use expensive audio interfaces which then come with dedicated ASIO drivers and those perform normally better than generic drivers.

Hi Ulf,
Thanks, yes I’ve got some expensive kit, Focusrite RED4PRE (main interface), a bunch of other DANTE gear in several rooms of the studio. Sound Devices 10vII for remote work, etc …

The RED is on a Focusrite thunderbolt driver of course and controlled by a RedNet R1 monitor controller. The problem is so many programs fighting for the interface, and having to work 48/96. I just want everything to output to the RED for monitoring, which doesn’t require anything special as long as all the channels are present.

Resonic Pro: sfx libraries, reference material, spot check other work, and Bach :slight_smile:
Dorico: Composition, MIDI work etc
Nuendo: Final mixing - ATMOS
Wavelab: sound FX, mastering

Long story short: I’m mainly trying to get Nuendo to behave itself but it won’t AFAIK and wants too much control over the interface, buffering through a proxy driver is fine (if there’s latency for monitoring who cares?) Unless I’m recording with a bus going back to a musician being on the interface doesn’t matter much AFAIK.

PS Wavelab is the best for this. You can work in 96 and put a resampler on the output to go to 48 to the interface, I love it.

Okay, so basically multi-client capability is your demand. Well, maybe worth considering Mac, because there it is no issue. Or maybe find another multi-client capable audio interface. I can’t recommend anything, I only use the simple Steinberg stereo devices for my work.

That’s fine. FWIW Mac is out for too many reasons. Giving Nuendo it’s own interface is another option I’ve been thinking and link over through analog for playback.

RME has Multi-ASIO Interfaces. Though they are on the expensive side, obviously.
I didn’t try you setup, but I wonder if this couldn’t solve your problem.

Thanks! ASIO4ALL worked well for me. Now I can send 5.1 sound to my receiver through HDMI. Nice!