Multichannel MIDI input with Elements

I’m evaluating Cubase Elements. One use case I had was accepting multichannel MIDI input from an external source, but I couldn’t find a way to route the channels to different instruments. I can select a specific MIDI bus, but not a specific channel. I found some references to how to filter MIDI input by channel using MIDI transformers, but the product comparison page indicates that MIDI transformers are only available in Artist and Pro. Is there no way to route MIDI to separate instruments by channel without the MIDI transformers subsystem?

Hi and welcome,

Cubase always accepts all MIDI Channels on the input. To filter a dedicated channel, you have to use the MIDI Input Transformer, which is in Cubase Pro and Artist only, as you mentioned. In Cubase Elements, there is no other equivalent for this.

But, you can record all data to one MIDI Track, and then use MIDI > Dissolve Part > Separate Channels afterwards. This is part of Cubase Elements too.

Thank you for the suggestion. I will try this out. It’s a bit disappointing that Cubase (Elements, at least) can’t handle incoming multichannel MIDI in a more natural way, but this will motivate me to give its MIDI editing features a more thorough look.