Multichannel recording setup

Hi. I´m trying to record multitrack/channel recording trought VST Connect Pro. I´ve managed to monitor all the channels in the VST Connect Manager, but I´m unable to get the different channels to different tracks in Cubase 8 Pro.

I can´t find any guides on setting up a mulitrack recoring trough VST Connect Pro. Is there anyone that can help me with this one?

I have a demo version of Cubase and VST Connect PRO and wonder if I can use this one. If I can, I´m ready for a buy.


It is described in the manual.
To record seperate channels, you have to activate the record enable (red) button for each channel that you want to record separately in the VST Connect plugin mixer. It’s on top of each recordable channel (but only with the PRO version).
While recording in Cubase, you still only get a stereo channel. But when recording is finished, you go to the setup/manager tab in VST Connect and klick “Get HD files”. This will transfer the uncompressed files recorded on the Performer computer and create one track per seperately recorded channel with the according file on it.

Hope that helps.

Thanks. Will try that.

I just got this going today with Nuendo 6.5.40 and VST Connect Pro running on Mac OS X 10.10.2. The individual track files were visible on the remote computer as expected after record-enabling in VST Connect Pro, but Nuendo crashed when trying to copy them over. I saw one of the new tracks show up in the project and then poof - the executable crashed.

The remote computer is on the latest VST Connect Performer on a Windows 8 system. Pulling over the HD version of the VST Connect stereo mix works every time (replaces the existing “Performer Track” in the project with the HD version), but the HD individual track import crashes Nuendo.

I created a separate topic for the Nuendo crash issue: