Does WL10 support opening multichannel .wavs in the waveform view (not montage)?

Is it possible to batch render r128 loudness for multichannel files?

Does WL10 support opening multichannel .wavs in the waveform view (not montage)?


Is it possible to batch render r128 loudness for multichannel files?

Yes, as WaveLab 9.5 already can.


hi PG - not in anyway trying to be negative, I’ve been a strong supporter of WL over the years (since WL1.5)

I’ve been requesting this feature since about 2005 ! - is there a specific reason you’re not doing it, technical or otherwise. I’ve seen quite a lot of requests for it over the years.


is there a specific reason you’re not doing it

Some other features took more time than expected, simply. The priority of features is always a sensible topic.


appreciated - I wont give up hope yet

I wont give up hope yet

Not me either :wink:

I am sorry to say that I was assured before buying Wavelab Pro 9.5 that version 10 was going to have the ability to open surround/multichannel files directly without montage.

Therefore, I rested assured and bought wavelab 9.5 and was super excited about the version 10 update. But, well, I am very sorry to know otherwise now. I feel really sad. I don’t know how I should feel. Anyway, I suppose that not too many people even know or miss it. So, priorities considered, Wavelab 10 may be just awesome. But, I may not buy it unless it has the promised basic feature.

Anyway, congratulations nevertheless. Much love.

Output effects in a multichannel (four, in my test) still does not accept non-Steinberg four-channel effects (it now puts up an explicit messge saying they must be two-channel). Previously Steinberg effects like gain worked there - now they are accepted but cause the montage output to change to two-channel…

Unbelievable! Nuendo and Cubase are multi-channel DAWs, Halion and Spectral Layers work with multi-channel files too. It’s just with WL, where it is: other things were more important and demand was low. But the chief programmer doesn’t give up his hope. Nice - hope for higher priority or for higher demand? We don’t know - we just know: there are more multi-channel demands than ever (Ambisonics anyone?) and the “Pro” Mastering software from Steinberg persist in not supporting them. Wow.

Most music ends today still ends up as two channel material on the WWW or on Vinyl or CDs. WL was NEVER designed to be a multichannel recorder/mixer. If you need that option to do what you do I suggest you look at Cubase or some other multichannel DAW. FWIW

I never understood why people keep asking for WL to be multitrack. It is bascially a “mastering and restoration” DAW and there a lot of people who use it that way everyday. Not every DAW has to be multitrack capable. :astonished:

With respect Thomas,

firstly wavelab is already multichannel - it’s just that it’s limited to 2 channels. I can only assume you are confusing multichannel with multitrack.

I see you’ve commented on this “feature request” previously on other threads over the years- just because you don’t use for multichannel work as that doesn’t mean that others do. Looking at your website it looks like you don’t have any surround sound setup ? As you say “YOU don’t understand” probably because it’s not something that YOU need. Hey, ask Phil Spector, why do you even need stereo ? Welcome to the 21st century.

What I can’t understand is when somebody requests a feature and people weigh in with a "no you don’t want that feature…after all I DON’T NEED IT " - is it some kind of alpha male response ? Are you trying to mansplain ? are you saying we should all work in the same way as you ?

I work extensively with film/video and everything is multichannel - WL has just put in a video playback engine - but no (simple) multichannel audio file support.

I also mix/master surround sound audio - mulitchannel masters.

I also edit multi-mic channel wav files for sample libraries - more multichannel files

the list goes on.

Thanks for your suggestion to look a cubase/nuendo (sigh) Nobody expects WL to be cubase or nuendo (both of which I use extensively and have been using since they first appeared) but I would appreciate the ability to open and MASTER multichannel files. As you can see from this forum I am not the only one.

As to whether “WL was NEVER designed to be a multichannel recorder/mixer” …well as you say “You don’t understand” BUT fortunately PG is not developing WL just for you .


Nothing new here, again a paternalistic phrase collection. I have two Nuendo and two Cubase Pro licenses and so on, thank you, I know what I’m talking about. It is not about WL being not usable for stereo work anymore, which I recently did with it in a 96 kHz stereo Montage for classical piano - works great - clients impressed. Don’t compare your small, simplified audio world with mastering in general, or even with other professional demands for a modern audio editor. We’re not in the 1990ies anymore. Furthermore WL has all the tools to be a sound design editor, especially with its direct link to Nuendo and Cubase.
Nobody wants to take your tiny stereo world away - calm down.
And all dr said before this post …

… and I use WL since version 1.x or so … immediately bought the update for WL 10 Pro. My audio editing grew with WL as an important tool, but it is disappointing WL didn’t grew with my format diversity needs.

agreed, I’ve been with it since v1.5 and been with cubase since the early atari days - I paid for an upgrade to one (I have many) of my licences as soon as it was available. I fully support PG and wavelab - think it’s an amazing product.

It’s my intention keep gently pressurising PG to add features that I, and others, feel we need. IF others don’t need it then great - they save themselves the price of the upgrade.

just an fyi:

this is the oldest request I can find from this forum…

obviously the links to the forum are now dead but I remember asking for this in the old forum back around 2005 - I believe the Wav spec has allowed multi channel (more than 2) since the dinosaurs were around.

Mastering is not just about stereo any more…in fact it hasn’t been for many decades !

I have to agree with you.

I was more than a bit grumpy when I first saw that this hadn’t made it, in spite of PG’s very clear hint a while ago that it would. But his explanation above is sufficient to calm me again (I used to be a software developer, and know how hard it is to get timescales right), so I apologise for my first immoderate remarks.

Given the earlier hint, I am now living in hope that work on it has actually been started, and dream that it will appear, maybe even in a 10.1.0 (free) release, otherwise certainly by 10.5 (paid…).


Whilst it’s not multichannel per se, there is no denying that this is a rapidly changing environment illustrated by Sony’s ‘360 Reality’ Audio’ announcement this week.

I have some more info on this but am unable to share it at present.

First, big thanks to PG (and team.!) for the new release - video support and Reference Track are already being used, and very welcome (no more fiddling in 3rd party plugin/app).

To others in this thread, I’m curious/a little naive…

Other than full, surround-sound mix/mastering to picture jobs, DVD production, and maybe game audio production, where else might I look for multichannel audio fix/finishing type work.? By the way, I’m not ready to trust hooking up my domestic DVD surround audio playback system, into my main audio workstation, just yet… Am only fishing/curious for possibilities out there… :slight_smile:

Having said that, is there a minimum one could get away with (faking it somehow.?) to achieve acceptable/reliable results…? :slight_smile: Are you guys all making use of high-end, fully calibrated surround-sound monitoring/room setups.?

Dunno; just shooting the breeze a little here. Maybe I should go and read up a bit more myself first… Any quick thoughts would be welcome though; don’t bust a gut or anything…! We’re all busy… :slight_smile:


PS:- @Rat - interesting, thanks for that… you’re right though, not quite with this thread…

I have been with WL since 1.6.3 so I am a long time user.

You are correct I don’t do surround projects and don’t intend to do them in the future.

The one problem I see is that the more “junque” people ask for in WL the more cumbersome the interface and the more chances for something to interfere with the basic uses of the program. If all of you who have responded have other mutlitrack/multichannel programs why not just use them? One of the mastering engineers I know works in ProTools and is enamored with its features but he sometimes works here on transfer projects. He is not familiar with WL but has caught on very quickly to all of its features and ways of working. He likes a lot of WL can do but prefers to go to his studio and use his ProTools setup for most things. Different strokes for different folks is what my Dad told me when asked about why we drive a certain car and my friends drive other makes.

The more “junque” people ask for the more bloated the program is the way I see it. Maybe PG should think about leaving WL alone and write a completely new multitrack/multichannel program for people you need it - oh wait it is called CUBASE (not written by PG but by other Steinberg authors) and has already been written.

Now if you want to add real features that are needed in WL IMHO then add MIDI support and automation to plugins which would be most welcomed by me.

Sorry to get your feathers in a ruffle. :frowning:

apology accepted