Multicore enabled VST3 plugins break in Cubase 13, work in Cubase 12

Testing some new software which has multicore handling (switchable) in the plugin. This works running complex patches/multiple instances on Cubase 12 Pro but on Cubase 13 Pro it completely breaks when multicore handling is enabled. Audio Performance indicator shows Processing Overload even when CPU load is well withing limits and display becomes sluggish/jittery.

Has something changed in the VST3 support in Cubase 13 that breaks multicore processing inside plugins when they are working in Cubase 12?


Which software is it, please?

Unable to name a specific product as it is something in beta and subject to NDA. However, the responses I have had, plus some additional testing I have managed to complete with other multicore-enabled products, confirms that this is likely product specific and not a wider issue.

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