Multicore PC

I’m looking for a laptop for Nuendo, I would take it with an Intel i7 processor. But is 4 cores better with 3.4GHz or 8 cores 2.3GHz? Can Nuendo use the power of multiple cores, or better take more frequency? Thank you very much, Petr Stuchlík

Nuendo, as with most DAWS, likes cores a lot and will use all of them. Also with laptops don’t look too hard at the clock speed as that 2.3GHz is the minimum speed, not the actual speed you’ll likely see. It is Intel’s worst case scenario speed.

I have a laptop with a “2.3GHz” CPU, an i7-11800H. In actual practice it runs at about 4-4.4GHz under most workloads. Even when I load it up with Prime95, which puts it under an unrealistic amount of stress, it still clock at like 3.6-3.8GHz.

Now your milage will vary based on the cooling of the given laptop (mine is an Alienware which has very good cooling) but don’t worry too much about the stated minimum frequency.

When it was my money, I got an 8 core, though I’ll admit the laptop is not primarily for Nuendo (I use my desktop for that) but it runs well on it.

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