Multimeasure rest condensing question

Hello guys,
today I need your support to know if it is possible to condense multi measure rests manually for selected measures, without turning on the option in Layout options.
I know, it is possible to mark the breaks in Engrave mode before turning on the option for multi measure rests, but today I’m trying to find in Dorico a good Finale feature that allows to create a multi measure rests for selected measures.
Thanks as usually :wink:

No, it’s not possible to force Dorico to consolidate a particular range of bars as a multi-bar rest, I’m afraid.

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Thanks for the reply Daniel,
anyway, if it possible I would turn this question in a feature request. For many other things we can freely override the option, I think that also this feature could make happy not only me.
I hope you take in account :slight_smile:

What is the use case for this? In other words, what is the intended meaning of having individual empty bars elsewhere, and one multirest in the same score? I daresay a feature request for Dorico needs to include some semantic purpose.

One way this would be useful for me is when dealing with percussion scores. I have a custom score based off the full score with only percussion parts. It would be great if I could create multimeasure rests in areas that do not feature any percussion. Otherwise its just 20 empty bars taking up a page. I could create a similar effect in a custom percussion part with all 4 parts so the solution is not impossible, but, again, wouldn’t hurt if I could do it.

But how would turning on multimeasure rests in Lay-out options not solve this problem?

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Lolz, there’s a feature for everything! It takes a while for me to remember all of these. Thank you.