Multimeasure rest spacing issue in parts


I am engraving parts for a large orchestral score and when I put a system break before a multimeasure rest, the multimeasure rest advances to the next system (which it should) and then becomes huge (which it should not). Sometimes it does this, sometimes it does not. Is there a way to shrink the width of the measure? See image attached. In the example, the first two lines (mm92 and mm98) both start with two-bar rests. mm.92’s rest is really wide, and mm.98’s rest is normal width. Why is this? How do I change it manually?



I don’t see your attachment, but: go to Engraving Mode, switch on Note Spacing, select the little square on top of the barline at the end of the multimeasure rest. Then move this barline until you like the spacing.

Thanks, apparently the note spacing thing doesn’t work when clicking and dragging with the mouse, but it does when I use Alt+arrow keys on keyboard.