Multimeasure rests 4+4 instead 8

Hi, I try to recognize why my Dorico do Multimeasure rests 4+4 instead 8. I didn’t to use any double barline, any Rehearsal Marks…

Thanks a lot for any ideas, Jiri

Welcome to the forum, Jiri.

It’s pretty much impossible to know from a picture. If you upload the project somebody will likely be able to figure it out very quickly. The chances are that the forum won’t allow you to upload a project until you’ve posted a little more (see Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog)

Try turning on signposts for time signatures from View > Signposts. Does a red signpost show up there? That would indicate a hidden time signature, non-default barline or bar number change (internally these are all the same kind of thing).


Yes Yes. You Are the Genius :slight_smile: Solved. Thanks a lot. Jiří

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