Multimeasure Rests Broken after Instrument Change

Hello All!

I am having an issue with multimeasure rests appearing after an instrument change. Ive attached a screeshot. Does anyone have any ideas?
Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 11.30.26 AM.png

Seems to be a bar missing too, and the time sign change in the last bar before ‘to ob’ too… definitely seen this before. Is it native dorico or imported xml?

Native dorico.

There should be no meter change there either, it is still in 9/8.

So the bar with only a dotted quarter is missing 6 eights and part of the problem?

Can you zip up and attach the project here, so I can take a look?

It is the case that if an instrument change occurs in the middle of a bar, rests can go missing, but I can’t see any reason why the instrument change should occur in the middle of the bar in your case, so being able to take a look at the project file would be helpful.


Thanks in advance for taking a look. It is attached here.

As I have played with the file some more, I was able to get the multimeasure rest to work when I inserted a line break into the part. Interesting…
The Land Is Always (1.37 MB)


FWIW, I noticed that in the full score, page 6 ends with bar no.39. At the start of page 7 there is no bar no., but the system has two bars, and the following system starts with bar 41… In Galley view this is bar 42…

Interesting… I very much wonder what happened to make this happen. Oh the joys of figuring out a new software’s quirks!

Chase, it looks like you’ve revised the music since you posted the initial screenshot and have filled bar 48 with music, so at least the right number of beats are found there. I can’t diagnose the reason for the broken multi-bar rests myself even with your project, but I will pass it on to the man who can and will report back when I have more information.


Oops… I must have sent the wrong save file. My apologies. Thanks for taking a look at it.
I can say that it only does that in the Ob./E.H. lines. Maybe a bug with instrument changes?

Sorry to take so long to come back to you on this one, Chase. We have looked into this and have narrowed down the problem to the fact that you have (probably inadvertently) used staff-specific (or as we sometimes call them “local”) time signatures. When you created the 9/8 time signature in bar 40, it looks like you accidentally created the 9/8 time signature on the English Horn staff either by Alt+clicking it onto that staff from the panel or by hitting Alt+Enter when you created it via the Shift+M popover. Even though the global and local time signatures here happen to be identical, Dorico doesn’t consider the Oboe and English Horn staves equivalent, and so it won’t show multi-bar rests in that passage.

I’ve got a separate issue with multimeasure rests and instrument changes. In Page View, on one of my layouts, multimeasure rests aren’t displaying correctly. I can work around with a system break. There’s a double bar, a rehearsal number, and a key change where the multimeasure rest should break.
Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 5.55.18 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 5.55.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 6.00.38 PM.png

Yes, we’re sorry about this bug. It will be fixed in the small update coming very soon (hopefully before the end of the month, barring any unforeseen delays that would prevent us from releasing it when we plan to).

I’m having a similar problem in Dorico This is part for one player, flute and piccolo, and the multi-measure rest between instrument changes disappear when “consolidate multi-bar rests” is turned on. This piece was imported from XML in chunks, but the measures in question were all within one continuous chunk… I’m not sure what could be causing this.

Here’s what the passage looks like in Write mode:

…and here’s what it looks like in Engrave mode, with “consolidate multi-bar rests” turned on.

Could you trim down the project to a minimal case that reproduces the problem, and attach it here? (Zip it up first.)

OK I’ve trimmed it down. The problem can be seen in the flute part, which jumps from measure 8 to measure 18.

There are some local time signatures in the very last bar, but deleting only those doesn’t seem to fix the problem. If you delete the last 7 bars of the flow, the problem disappears. Thanks for taking a look at this! (1.5 MB)

The problem is certainly related to the local time signatures in the last bar, but that shouldn’t cause the multi-bar rest to disappear altogether. The multi-bar rest disappears because the combination of the local time signatures and the instrument change is causing an invalid multi-bar rest range to be created, which Dorico then helpfully removes and consequently doesn’t draw anything. We’ve made a fix for this that will be in the next update, but unfortunately until then there’s not a lot you can do: if the music in the last bar in which the flute is playing went all the way up to the barline, then the multi-bar rest would appear, but because it doesn’t, things get confused.

That’s great… I’m glad there’s a fix, and will keep an eye out for how I might be making local time signatures by mistake. Thanks Daniel!