Multimedia Best Practices via Zoom?

I’m running into the issue frequently of sample rate issues in playback when I’m presenting music for graduate comp lessons over Zoom (pitch shifting or sometimes no video audio playback). I have a multimedia project I’m working on and Zoom only has one sample rate option (48kHz). I tried setting Dorico to that for this particular project because when I initially started the project and it was set to 44.1kHz, the audio was pitch shifted up or sometimes just played back too fast if I recall correctly. I’ve never had issues with Dorico over Zoom when I am not working with multimedia, but about 90% of the time, there’s an issue with either the video audio playing back at all or just being at the wrong sample rate or having to change the sample rate to something else and back after my lesson or a host of other issues.
I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions for mitigating this issue because I’m having to spend lesson time messing with audio settings and then I have to do that again after my lesson more often than not. I can’t figure out what conditions cause the audio driver to not swap back out of Zoom Audio or to be pitch shifted due to sample rate, or cause multimedia audio to not play back correctly and it can be very frustrating.

Specs: MacBook Pro; OSX Big Sur; 1.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5; 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
Dorico 3.5; NotePerformer

The key, if I understand it correctly, is that both Dorico and your sound card must be set to the same rate, 44.1K or 48K.

Yes, provided you make sure that the sample rates match in Dorico’s Device Setup dialog and in Zoom, you should be OK. What that probably amounts to is changing Dorico’s setting to match whatever Zoom already has set.

We have been investigating this, and hopefully we have a fix for a future release. In the meantime though, as Daniel and Derrek have said, if you switch your non-Zoom audio device to 48k then it should be ok. If you can’t set your regular audio device to 48 then after switching to Zoom, re-select the 48k sample rate, and that should force it to be correctly initialised.

Thanks, everyone! This worked out very nicely. I just have all of my devices set to 48k now and there are no issues :slight_smile:

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