Multimode for instrument tracks

Ok, this is a big one, but I could certainly use that (at the moment I help myself by creating tons of instrument tracks and configuring them to limit their MIDI note range, but this really is a lot - and it doesn’t put everything on one track either).

So the two use cases for me are:

  1. Layering of sounds

Example: I create a nice pad patch in Retrologue 2 and then add a piano (don’t laugh, I KNOW that this is cheesy 80s stuff :laughing: ) - and it would be great to have that stacked on top of each other

  1. Drum kits out of x synths

I use that as well - I create a kick here, a snare there and then some toms (I don’t know how to create nice sounding cymbals and hi hats yet with analogue synthesis, but I’ll surely find out one day) - and I’d like to have the pattern in one track

This would be some nice love for the more VSTi oriented folks like me out there. :slight_smile:

Unless I’m misunderstanding your request, you can do this now.

  1. Set the each different VSTi’s to a unique channel number.
  2. Enter the notes you want each VSTi to play making sure it’s on the correct channel.
  3. In the Track’s Inspector set the channel to ANY.

Step 2 is the tricky part depending on how you enter notes. If playing from a keyboard, set its output channel as needed. If your keyboard can’t change channels the Input Transformer can. If hand entering in Key Editor you can change the channel in the Inspector and whatever it is set to will be the channel used to draw in new notes. Or you can just select a bunch of notes and give them a new number on the Info Line. Also you’ll probably want to set the colors in the editor so they are based on channel number & not the default velocity.

You can use MIDI SENDS (up to 4) from the track inspector to send midi to other instrument or midi tracks. Put all the tracks in a common folder and use them with VCA or Group bus.

You can do that using Drum editor, where you can select different tracks to which a given note will transmit MIDI.
“Output” column, as shown below. You can even choose a note and a channel number on the output track.
Drum Editor.png

Thank you! :slight_smile:

So I think that the best format for the next Cubase after market book would be a “cookbook”. :laughing: