Multiout VST instrument handling isn't that good IMO

I might be missing something here, but the various elements of a multiout VST instrument don’t seem to be configurable as the old VST instrument.

For example, load up Kontakt and add a couple of extra outputs.

The outputs don’t appear in the track list individually which keeps things neat as you select them as elements of the instrument track, but it also means you can’t move them around, put them in folders etc, with the knock-on effect that you can’t move them around in the mixer view.

You can’t rename the first instrument output independently of the track. For example you can’t have an instance of Kontakt named “Kontakt 01” and have the audio outputs named “bass” and “violin” - the first output reflects the name of the instrument.

Of course I might be missing something, so if anyone can tell me what I’d be grateful. So far though the multiout instruments don’t really seem much of a step forwards for me when organising a mix, although the new VST rack is nice.