Multipad drums trigger inconsistently (AD2 and SSD Free)

I’m using a ddrum NIO multipad to trigger Addictive Drums 2 and SSD (through MIDI out). After a few minutes of smooth playing, the drums start to trigger inconsistently. I checked the NIO’s onboard sounds to see if it’s a triggering issue in the unit, but no issue there. It’s only when triggering drum software.

What could possibly be the issue in Cubase that I’m missing? Thank you!

Hi and welcome!
You could try using the midi monitor plugin on the instrument track to check whether the MIDI notes actually arrive in Cubase. I can’t really imagine a reason why Cubase should drop notes after a while, though.

Do you use a USB cable to connect the ddrum multipad to your computer (which computer btw? Windows, Mac? Which Cubase version). Maybe try a different cable, or a different USB port.

It’s not Cubase. I have been using sd2/sd3 and ssd for years and have never had a problem with Cubase. I have used a Roland SPD8, Alesis D4,ddrum4, Roland td20 and td30 to trigger without problems. This has been through all version right up to 12. Including the Atari.