Multipe mix busses

I’m trying to set up multiple mix busses. I’d like to have one that uses my ssl sigma and one that is all ITB. My issue is that I am using the direct summing method to get two different paths, but it send the newly made buss to the master bus. I’d like them to be two seperate busses to enable me to disable one to compare the two. I hope that makes sense. Any suggestions?

Send all mix-signals to two groups in parallel, and do the processing on one of those. Then output both of those groups to the master. Mute the one you don’t want to listen to.

Summing should work. Here you can see the last Track is routed to 2 destinations. If you click on the right edge of the button you can change the destination.


This is a different method but I believe the best way to compare those 2, i.e. ITB and a mix buffer, is to use external plugins. (Delay compensation, easy flipping and post-mix bus master effects like limiting/EQ/etc).

  1. set up as many external effects for number of channels on the mix buffer. E.g. if a desk/mix buffer is 24ch, make 12 stereo external effects. Connect send to those instances. ch 1&2 of the desk to ext fx 1 send, ch3&4 to ext fx 2 send and so on. Leave return not connected.
  2. make another external effect, connect a return stereo pair from the mix bus, leave send not connected.
  3. make group tracks, if you’ve made 12 ext send fx, make 12, insert them.
  4. insert the return to the master. It’s best to insert it in the same slot as send instances.

Now, when you mix a song, route all the audio, vsti, FX and group to one of those send groups, so that nothing goes to the master directly, but through send group. Like drums to send group 1, basses to g2, vocals to g12 and so on.

*When you want to listen to ITB mix, select all the groups and the master, enable QLink and press bypass on the external efx. (this is why the same slot is prefered)

*To correctly get the delay compensation, connect a send pair to the return instance on the master and check ping (or the other way around). Use this value to send instances, the master should be 0.