Multiphonics in instrument materials

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to write multiphonics so that the custom scale used, does not create key signature markings in materials?

For example:
I want to write a multiphonic for Alto Flute which includes up/down arrows and 1/4 step accidentals (I’m using custom 48-tone scale) This all goes well In C-score, but when you go to the instrument material you’ll find that the program has added one flat key signature. How to avoid the key signature changes.?
When you return to 12-tone scale the program leaves also the transposing instruments material as it should be: material is transposed, but without key signatures.

Welcome to the forum @PaavoK – when you change the tonality system, you need to input a key signature to “fix” the tonality system in place, but you can input an “atonal” key signature. This shouldn’t cause key signatures to appear in transposing layouts, because it’s fully atonal (rather than C major or A minor key signatures).