Multiple (2) Computer/Laptop but only 1 USB

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Hello Community / Hello Steinberg Team(s),

so far I could not find any audio device providing 2 USB Ports which would allow me to have different DAWs or Audio connections running through only 1 single Audio Interface.

Why is that needed/required?
Well these days i.e. as HomeOffice User you’re running and have multiple computer in use; on i.e.: 2 different computer you want to use same hardware such as Mic/Speakers; same time you may need to have a Skype or Zoom Session; while the 2’nd computer is maybe streamin something else.
OK; “as you need” may can switch the USB-C cable from computer “A” to “B”, but since I have updated hardware-driver & USB driver I encounter “strange” behaeviours on the UR-C device; I assume because it’s settings is stored in the device itself and the either other computer may need different setting; so sometimes, after swapping the USB connection, (keep’n same setting) the other computer responds with an echo…crazy noise etc.
Anyway… I am tired to swap the USB-cable.
Is there any device UR-x which may provide & can handle multiple (at least 2) independent USB connected computer??? and or… how about the suggested set-up : connecting Computer “A” by USB-C and Computer “B” old-school-classic with RCA connectors?
What do you suggest and or have better ideas?

best regards,

Afaik there is no way to connect two computers at the same time, but your “old school” idea would certainly work.

hi, thx strummer…
yes, by now not possible to connect 2 independent computer to a single device.
so “old school” and or a mix-around with some kind of premium external connected mixers’ (OUT to IN / IN to OUT) on a second device. Means: 2* i.e.: URx MKII devices connected with the external mixer.
Maybe would be benefitial to develop a product providing 2* internal USB (independent); 2 or more inputs for Mic or Guitars and the implemented Mixer(s)