Multiple active projects request

I’ve been using 2 to 3 instances of Cubase side by side on the same computer for a few years now. They all sync with MTC. It’s great having 3 active sessions so I don’t have to keep opening and unloading. The only downside is I cannot drag and drop midi and audio data between them (since they are separate application).

To be able to drag and drop, what if it these 3 sessions were able to be active and loaded in the same Instance of Cubase? I mean the system can handle 3 sessions of cubase already with hundreds of tracks in each. So its not a problem with system resources, Cubase itself is just currently limited to one “active” project at a time.

This would also address the long requested “chunks” feature that DP has, that helps facilitate keeping instruments loaded when switching between different projects. That would be very cool to have an instrument rack that stays loaded directly in Cubase rather than needing VEP. But in lieu of something like that, being able to run two projects in the app is a small step in that direction.