Multiple alternative chord symbols

Right, MusAnalysis is even better for this. Hadn’t thought of that.

I even found out how to do things like
(that I had previously thought impossible) by entering C7(b#193) and then manually superscripting the parenthesized expression. So the 1 and the 9 are stacked, and then the 3 starts a new stack :slight_smile:
But maybe there is a better way to do that.

By the way, @dankreider: In the MusGlyphs/Analysis manuals, to make MS Word kerning/ligature-aware, the following instruction is unnecessary:

  • Select MusAnalysis in the dropdown list, then select the Advanced tab.

because those settings are bound to the current paragraph, not to the font selected in the other tab.

This also means that if you create a new paragraph that doesn’t inherit the properties of the previous one, you need to set those options again.

Chiming in here just to say that I too need a way to enter alternate chord symbols. I hope that’s not coming as late as with V5 … please? I love Dorico, but I thought that with V4 this would be possible.