Multiple Arranger Tracks created from Browser

The project should only allow a single Arranger Track but it is possible to create several from the Project Browser. Neither does an existing Arranger Track appear in the Browser.

  1. Probably best to start with an empty project.
  2. In the Browser (Ctrl-B) select the project in the l-h pane and note that only the (hidden) Tempo and Signature tracks are visible in both panes.
  3. Above the r-h pane, check that the Track Type combo (the 2nd one) says Arranger and click [Add].
  4. An Arranger Track appears in the main Project Window but not in the Browser.
  5. Click again. And again. Each time a new Arranger track is created that is not reflected in the Browser.
  6. In the Project Track List, right-click and try to create another Arranger Track. You get a message forbidding this.
  7. Go back to the Browser and try to add another Arranger Track as before. This time you can’t (although there is no message).

I found this looking for a way to get a macro to access the elements of an Arranger Chain. I was hoping that I could open up the innards as you can with other track types. If anyone can advise me on that could you please PM me (in the interests of keeping this thread clean) and we can set up a new thread if I haven’t already done so.


Version 6.0.2-64, Win7-64

Solving issues via PM is bad as it hides info from the masses. Putting troublemakers on the Ignore List is the way to go.

I can confirm this behavior in C4 so it’s been around awhile. You can only activate one Arranger Track at a time, though. Could be useful in certain situations, I’m thinking.

I was just meaning that if anyone had an answer to the macro issue to let me know so I could set up a new thread for them to answer on. Sorry, my English sometimes…

[Edit] The macro is no longer an issue, I found what I was looking for (Chain Lengths - in the Arranger Track Editor!)