multiple articulation marks and ties

I see that when I have a tied note, if I want an accent tenuto over the first note, I need to insert it before doing the tie, otherwise the accent goes over the first note and the tenuto goes over the last tied note. This is awkward.

Oh, I see that it doesn’t matter when you do the tie, the second mark goes over the last tied note! This is a problem.

This is intended behaviour according to the manual:

If a note or chord is tied, articulations of force and stress appear on the note or chord at the start of the tie chain by default, while articulations of duration appear on the note or chord at the end of the tie chain by default.

I just received my boxed version of Dorico today, and it’s still installing, so I haven’t yet had a chance to find out how to override those defaults. But they do make sense.

You can change these defaults on the Articulations page of Engrave > Engraving Options.

I realise that tenuto is the controversial one, as some people definitely consider it an articulation of force rather than an articulation of duration. I’m not opposed to changing the default setting here if there is sufficient consensus that we should.

I see that one can change the default and have now done so. I think the default choice itself was perhaps the wrong one. It is far less common to have an articulation over the last note of a tied group than over the first one. And I think that 20th century practice has pretty much wiped away the use of the tenuto mark as a prolongation. When I intend it in that way =, I always write “ten.” over it, and even then players don’t always honor it until I point it out.