Multiple articulations of an instrument on one MIDI track

Let’s say I’m composing a line for the oboe that has both legato and staccato articulations in it. It is very confusing and inconvenient to have two different MIDI tracks one playing the legato notes and one playing the staccato notes. How can I go about keeping all the notes in one “oboe” MIDI track but trigger the VSTs for each articulation of the oboe? Is this done by changing the MIDI track’s transmit channel or is this something that is set up inside each instance of the rack instrument?

All help is appreciated.

It depends on the particular instrument. More often than not, Is the use of keyswitches to change between artics. Which instrument is it?

EastWest Hollywood and Symphonic Orchestras.

Google EastWest Hollywood and Symphonic Orchestras keyswitches

Thanks SteveInChicago for your suggestion. I already know about KS. They only work if the patch (VST instrument) is a KS patch. The vast majority of the patches in EastWest libraries are non-KS patches. Also, while some of the KS patches are awesome, many are not.

I was wondering if there’s a simple way to change the MIDI channel on the fly in the middle of an event on a MIDI track so a different VST instrument (in my case a different articulation of the same instrument) is played back. This way I can only have one track for the oboe (much like an actual score) instead of one track for each articulation of the oboe.

I think I need to do research about sending MIDI messages, in this case Change Channel message.

Load a multitimbral instrument and assign different channels to the various articulations or whatever

Set the Midi track channel to ‘any’

Set the midi events to the corresponding channels.

Now you’re talking! This is the answer. I assume I select a group of notes in Key Editor and change their MIDI channel, right? Do you know if this increases the overhead on the CPU?

Why don’t you try it?