Multiple assignable chord tracks.

Keep the “master” chord track - sure. But then allow unlimited extra chord tracks which can be assigned to individual instrument tracks or VSTis.


I would still love to see this section morph into a complete performance tool. Below are some suggestions I made in the Cubase 8 forum a while ago in regards to adding more performance features to the Chord Pad section…

The Chord Pad module has so many possibilities like:

Adding a programmable arp w/ user presets (the chords from the pads would feed notes to the arp or you could turn the chords off and use the arp by itself). I realize this can be with a separate arp, but why not combine the features for the sake of better workflow.

Adding a programmable strum/chord pattern and strum/chord roll speed w/ user presets

Assigning midi phrases to a pad (allow a different phrase on each pad or transpose one pattern across all of the pads) w/ user presets. Allow drag and drop of phrases from the arranger window. Essentially making this a midi phrase sampler. I realize we have the ability to assign a midi phrase in the player section, but sometimes it would better to create something new than to search for something that fits the project.

Allow for more complex/two hand chords in the Chord Assistant

Allow the Chord Pad section to expanded in size to see these new performance features with the option to hide them instead of the current layout that you have to click into different tabs. Similar to how you can show/hide features in the other windows. I don’t like switching between back and forth between the chord and player view and the chord pad preset should be visible at all times. These items would not take up much screen real estate and would make the workflow much better.

One last new thought would be to add a humanize sliders / knobs to add some variation to the chord timing and note velocities.