Multiple Audio Devices

Is it possible to use one Audio device as an output but use a separate audio device as a return for External effects? Sequoia, I believe, does this but obviously far more expensive. I’m still having to use another DAW as a “pitcher”, and use Wavelab as a “catcher” for my analog chain.

You mean, a different audio card for sending audio, and another one for receiving?
This is not possible.

Not sure if it works in WaveLab (but I think so), but can’t ASIO4ALL handle that. I sometimes use it in Cubase if I need to use two different audio interfaces at the same time.

Just checked it in 9.5 (cant get 10 to run right now, so I can’t test it there). ASIO4ALL does work in 9.5, so it should work in 10 too.

Yeah, I’d like to use Wavelab as a “catcher” from an analog Mastering chain, but the ADC I use for input to Wavelab has no easy DAC ability. When I say easy, I mean, it takes re-cabling and swapping out devices.

I believe some other Mastering software can manage multiple interfaces, and perhaps Wavelab “could”, but you can’t choose the option to. I “can”, however, use different outputs on the saem ‘device’, but not use an entirely different interface.

Not possible in the OS, or in Wavelab? Is it possible that a future version could do this? thanks

Not possible in any of Steinberg softwares.