Multiple Audio Engines

I noticed that my %appdata%/Steinberg folder contains 3 versions of VSTAudioEngine_64.
Do I need all of these? If not, which one’s should I get rid of (or would the best idea be to get rid of them all and let Dorico recreate what I need)?

I have 2 folders, VSTAudioEngine2_64 and VSTAudioEngine3_64. I never owned Dorico 1.0, but looking at the Date Modified column, the Dorico 2 folder and VSTAudioEngine2_64 match, and Dorico 3 and VSTAudioEngine3_64 match. Do you have Dorico 1 installed too? If so, does the date match with the other folder? I’m guessing VSTAudioEngine2 is the audio engine for Dorico 2, and doesn’t refer to VST2. Likewise 3 probably doesn’t refer to VST3. If you have all 3 versions of Dorico installed, I assume you probably need all 3 VSTAudioEngine folders. Just a guess though.

If you no longer need to use Dorico v1 or v2 then you can delete them. If you are still using Dorico 2 occasionally then if you delete that it will get recreated next time, but you’ll lose VST2 whitelists and custom paths.

Deleting them will free up at most only about 1Mb of disk space, so there’s no great advantage in removing it.

Thanks, Paul. I need to check whether something is still needed in my whitelist, so I’d need to know which folder holds the one to change. I have a backup copy of the original whitelist, so I expect I’ll just delete the folders and let Dorico recreate them as needed.

Again, thank you.