Multiple Audio files tab selection very finicky

I think this might be a Big Sur related problem but this is what has been happening lately.
When opening more than 1 audio file the file loads correctly and it becomes the selected and highlighted file. When I try to click on the other file’s tab, it won’t select. I tried to click many times but nothing happens - only the last file stays selected. Once in a while it does work once then doesn’t. I’m not sure what causes it to work.
This problem started occurring within the last 2-3 weeks I believe. Probably a Big Sur update did it but I wouldn’t know.
Anybody else with Big Sur having this issue?

Do you mean, you have a hard time selecting a tab with the mouse? There is another such report, but just one. Pretty strange.

Yes. I usually have to close the other one so I can access it. Happens pretty consistently now.

I was able to get around this by using the shortcut key “Next Tab”.