Multiple Audio Mixdown Q

Is there an option in Cubase that automatically ticks the selected or soloed tracks in the export mixdown window?

Did you try: export selected channel? I have a macro for this but i’m not sure if it was there or if i created this.

If I am not mistaken it exports as track archive file. I need the files to be opened in protools. Right now I go to Audio mixdown and select multiple and find/tick the ones I want to export. I was wondering if there was a sync option for selected tracks and audio mixdown window.

Happy New year.
Yes you are right. I’m gonna look for the macro that I have and I’ll post it, if that helps you. The only thing is, it exports through the master out.
Tell me if you want/need that macro.

I just checked and you are right. The macro i have is for track archive. So there is no way to just export a channel with a key combination that selects on the export dialog the selected channels.
Sorry i could not help…

No Problem,
Thank you for checking. Happy new year to you too.