Multiple Audio Outputs

Hi all,

Am brand new to this forum having decided to get back into the world of music having spent about 12 years away with a focusing on video, so please excuse me for any naivety.

I have recently purchased 10.5 Pro (along with a new rig) with various video tutorials to get me up to speed! I’ve sat down and to go through my tutorials whilst having Cubase open simultaneously and it appears that Cubase is blocking playback through every other programme I’m trying to use to play my tutorials (WMP, VLC etc).

So, short answer, is there an easy way of configuring Cubase or other programmes to allow for multiple applications to play audio at the same time as creating/playing audio through Cubase.

Really appreciation any support.


Hi and welcome,

Make sure your other software is not using the very same (ASIO) driver, please.

Or use a device that comes with a multiclient ASIO driver.
Steinberg jave released a generic one themselves, which is however not supporred by them.

Depending on what your hardware is you might be able to use your hardware audio interfaces WDM drivers for computer audio like for WMP, VLC etc and you might be able to use your hardware audio interfaces ASIO drivers for Cubase audio. This information might be in your hardware audio interfaces documentation. You might also include information about hardware audio interfaces in your posts - many on this forum put that info into their profile by clicking on editing profile (by username) and clicking on the edit signature with that info including your audio interface, maybe a reader with you same hardware will be able to respond