Multiple audio streams from Kontakt

I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I am interested in Sonuscore’s ‘The Orchestra’.

Version 1.1 is capable of sending out each audio stream of the five instrument slot individually.

Sonuscore advised me to refer to my DAW documentation to see how to set up KONTAKT to achieve this. I am not very computer savvy. Tried to find something in the manual, but I don’t understand the terminology well enough to know where to start.


Open VST Rack (F11 shortcut)
On the Rack for your instrument (The Orchestra), there is a small button on the right side, press it.
this opens up the area where you can activate the outputs (only 1 stereo output is default).

hope that helps.

First you have to make sure the outputs are configured in Kontakt before you can select them in Cubase.

Thank you guys so much. Love making music with Cubase/Kontakt, but the technology is both a blessing and an overwhelming source of confusion for an old dog. Ordering ‘The Orchestra’ today. Hope it’s as simple as you guys make it look.

Went thru this process. Everything seemed to work properly in Kontakt. But when I went to Cubase and followed the instructions, it populated 5 tracks named st.1-5 but then I couldn’t figure out how to get into them. How do I pull The Orchestra over from Komplete Control?
I normally just open a new instrument track in Cubase and choose Komplete Control as my VST. Then the KK window opens inside Cubase and I choose an instrument from my library and tweak it to suit my need.
When I did this with The Orchestra it created a new track (as normal) but ignored the 5 tracks I had set up as previously noted.
The good news is I am using an S61 NI keyboard and the software enables 5 knobs as individual volume controls (on the keyboard). So I can control the five instruments individually as I record them (to 1 track). Unfortunately that only gives me one hand to play with. Would be much better to have 5 tracks.

btw, this is the link I used for the instructions for Cubase:

Good morning,

with The Orchestra and Cubase, have you experienced any delay when you play recorded parts which are quantized and which involve the use of the inner arpeggiators? In my case it is necessary to compensate the delay of about 60ms.

But that problem doesn’t affect the traditional instruments.