Multiple Bar Repeats in Cubase Score Editor

In Cubase Score Editor I am trying to more efficiently display multiple bar phrases that repeat multiple times.

One of the ways I use Cubase (Pro) is to help me transcribe songs I need to learn to play. I write out the parts in MIDI and then print out the score from Score Editor. Often the parts are quite repatative, for example a two bar phrase repeated four times for an eight bar verse. Ideally I would like to condense my scores to a one-pager by using repeats.

I have figured out how to replace the notation bar-by-bar with a repeat sign but I can’t figure out any way to ‘combine’ all of these repeated bars or handle multiple bar phrases. In the example below is there a way to just have a little 3x by the repeat sign and not see the 6 bars with individual repeat signs in them?

The six individual repeat signs are not just an inneficient use of space, they are also techinically incorrect as they mean to repeat the previous bar 6 times when the actual intention is to repeat the previous two bar phrase 3 times.

I can’t just delete these repetative bars out of my midi tracks as I still want to be able to play along with the full length audio. Also I am typically working with individual stems and as I am transcribing I like to flip back and forth between the original audio stem and my transcribed MIDI track to check how it sounds.

You could do that by hiding the notes and using the 2-bar repeat symbol in the “Other” section of the inspector.

You could also write it like this, and then activate Arranger Mode in the Score Editor, the repeats will play back (note that repeats must be inserted in the Project Layer.