Multiple bar rests when adding bars

Just got Dorico 3 and am trying to like it but having issues with what would seem to be simple things.
After creating a key signature and meter I then add bars to start entering notation. However each instrument will contain a multiple bar rest equating to the number of bars that I added instead of individual rests for each bar. I cannot find an option to change this and no videos show this occurring that I’ve seen.

If you start inputting notes into the multi-bar rests, Dorico will unconsolidate them as you input into successive bars, but if you want to switch them off altogether, you can do that on the Players page of Layout Options: under ‘Bar Rests and Multi-Bar Rests’ set ‘Consolidate’ to ‘None’.

By the way, if you input into the full score rather than the instrumental part layouts, then multi-bar rests are switched off by default. When you’ve finished your parts, don’t forget to switch multi-bar rests back on!

Thanks, after doing a little more digging through the preferences and options I discovered this. I still have much to learn but this will be a big help.