Multiple bugs and issues...

Just started working with Cubase 9 after upgrading from 6.5. The following bugs are really frustrating:

Bug 1
After recording in audio, that region can’t be selected. It’s like it’s frozen. Regions above and below can be selected, just not the region that was just recorded in. Double clicking on it creates an empty region on top of it. Also, Undo / History becomes unavailable.

Bug 2
When clicking on timeline and pulling down to zoom it’s slow too take effect / inconsistant. Similarly when clicking on the timeline and scrolling left and right the mouse veers to the side of the line.

Bug 3
Clicking on timeline to create a single location point doesn’t work - only a range can be selected.

Bug 4
Chord track window can’t be moved, it’s stuck in the place it opened.

Bug 5
Not sure if this is a bug or an oversight - cross fades only show when moused over? I need to be able to see all the crossfades at a glance.

Generally the UI seems less user friendly than 6.5. Some observations:

No access to FX units from channel send.
FX on off buttons are hard to click, as if the image map is too small.
Send level control slider is obscured by text. Send also seems to come on full blast at +6dB
Midi recorded in doesn’t show in key editor until Stop is pressed?