Multiple Bugs in Moving Steinberg / CU VST Library content

back story : my external SSD was getting full so I got a new one which was 4X larger and 5X faster :slight_smile: copied everything from original SSD to new SSD. good.

now the pain begins.

start up CU 12.0.52. it complains about missing library with options to Ignore, Cancel Locate.

Located errors out complaint it can’t create an alias. ??? sure it can. both locations are R/W

Ignore. Ok, NOW DO IT 40 TIMES !!! seriously ??? I want the devs to personally experience this horrible nightmare of moving an externally located library, then clicking Ignore 40+ times for every hing thats been moved. Then crash out Cu, and do it again, and again, until you can figure out the fix.

You can’t speed click through because the dialog constantly changed width, moving the Ignore button. Oh the fun…

Why isn’t here an Ignore ALL ? Cancel ALL ? Located ALL ? unless the devs get to experience this needless pain it probably won’t get fixed, even though the fix is pretty trivial for Ignore or Cancel ALL as an option.

Back to locate. Doesn’t work.

random other thing : I DID open Steinberg Lib Manager, pointed it to correct location. figured that would write out the correct new path of CU to follow and load everything. NOPE ! it wants to deregister everything :frowning:

Wait more fun : the Project dialog, open a project which was on the external SSD and was moved. Cu can’t find it, as expected. Ok. How about a Locate option here ? NOPE ! just remove or cancel. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Ok, still trying. I double click the Cu project file on the new external SSD. CU promptly crashes. out. Thats because on of the Arturia VST FX has its resources also relocated and the plugin crashed out missing its sources :frowning: but CU should of interrupted things before it got this far and asked for a relocate… again. ok Fine, open Arturia App manager, it asks to relocate and I send it there and done, painlessly in seconds, no drama.

Let’s try to open that project again with Arturia patched up. Nope, double click on project crashes CU out.

Ok, lets start up CU again, and click through those wonderful 40+ Ingore buttons that jump all over the screen

I’m kind of speechless at how bad Cu’s path handling is across the app from relocated resources to moving projects around. Not in 2023. You can’t be having this level of fails, crashes, reinstalls just because I moved the resources to a new volume. You can’t crash opening projects because they were moved to a new volume. I have no clue how bad this damage will be and how long it will take to maybe fix. To bad one of the old volumes has been formatted because on of the SSDs in the RAID was failing. I could rename the new volume the same name and maybe dig out that way, at least 1/2 way anyway. This simple should not be this bad. Look at any NLE - Resolve, Premiere, Avid MC ( :confused: ), FCP - they all have solid relinking tools to support moving projects and media files around between volumes and systems with generally minimal drama. at least the apps generally don’t crash when you are relinking media ( well lets not talk about Prem Pro too much here :frowning: ) but you get the point. CU needs solid path handling, it doesn’t…

UPDATE 1 : I have Groove Agent full ver. It also complained about missing content, but Locate actually works, well for that set. Why must I be punished to located EVERY other sound set manually ? Why doesn’t LOCATE locate EVERYTHING thats offline or simply has a new path ???


Try going to wherever you moved your content and double+click on any .vstsound file. This should launch the Steinberg Library Manager. It will register all the the .vstsound files it finds in that location plus all its sub-folders.

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Thank you !!!

That fixed about 70% of the missing files but a list of 200 series won’t register :frowning:

but really Cu and then the Lib manager should handle relocation if. you point the Lib Manager to a new path, then it should read the new location to see what’s there.

can you elucidate on that?

A bunch of the VST sounds in the 200 series and others, looks like all Halion SE

I’m not on Mac, but an error saying a folder cannot be created can be due to an OS setting, or file system problem, or something unknown.

If you are inclined to continue troubleshooting, the following would be helpful:

  • In the Library Manager, what’s the file path of the default library location?
  • What content is currently displayed in the Cubase/Nuendo tab of the Library Manager? (screenshot of the entire window with nothing cropped out might be helpful.)

The Library Manager has been flawless in my experience. This detail doesn’t work as you expect, but @raino’s solution is an official method that has worked 100% of the time here.

Thanks but the default Lib manager path points to the top level folder on the ext SSD already to where Steinberg routes are located.

The place you are referring to appears in the Stienberg DL assistant, all green bar check mark, but I’ll do install again because its probably something weird here.

The double click didn’t fix everything…

This has nothing to do with it. Good luck to you.

If by “install again” do you mean for the content? If so I’d hold off on that because it’s a lot of data & will take some time. Plus it’s unlikely (but not impossible) that a bad installation is the source of the problem. Most likely is that the data paths are incorrect. Like @steve I’d be real suspicious about the folder not being created. Sorry not a Mac user either.

Have you checked that the vstsounds which couldn’t be registered actually have a corresponding file on the library disk and is that location shown in the Library manager. For example like the Halion Sonic Accordion in this screenshot.

yes. I eventually got it fixed.

when Cu starts up and complains something is missing, Select Remove.
quit CU
startup up DL manager and reinstall the offending items. the hard part is since the DL manger doesn’t give you the file names its hard to know which is what, so basically I just clicked down most of them. my internet is fast enough it wasn’t really anything while I had dinner tonite. maybe 15 min to reinstall., all seemed better.

meanwhile Arturia’s move resources is broken now - tripping up on .ds_store files which are invisible Mac. housekeeping files that tell the fine how to display a window - list / icon, sort order / etc. unbelievable they let this out the door, but I’m talking with the now. seems like software QA is out the window these days :frowning: on the really basic stuff.