Multiple cautionary accidentals

Hi. I have a piano part in which a G# is played in one bar, followed by 4 G naturals in the following bar. Using the “Common practice” cautionary accidentals, I would expect the first of the G naturals in the 2nd bar to have a cautionary natural, but not the following 3 - this doesn’t seem to be Dorico’s view. Is my expected behaviour not what other people would expect, or is something not quite working right here?

I’m aware that I can disable these unnecessary cautionary accidentals via properties, and that I could set cautionaries not to appear under these circumstances and then add them where necessary via properties - I just wondered if the default behaviour was what’s expected here.

Just answered my own question - I had “Notes at the same octave in the following bar” and “Notes at a different octave in the following bar” both set to parenthesised, in addition to “On the first occurrence of the same note in the following bar, either at the same or a different octave” - changing the first two of these options to “No cautionary” whilst leaving the final one on “In parentheses” gave me the behaviour I was looking for.

I should have known there’d be an option for it!