Multiple CC’s from one CC?

Is there a way I can take, say, an incoming CC like CC2 and have it not only pass through but also be transformed into say CC3 at the same time? And also have a curve assigned to it?

I know I can do this in the target VI - just assign the same CC to multiple parameters and if the VI allows, scale its response per parameter. But I’d like to be able to do it with MIDI processing as well.

Possibly the Input Transformer will do this.

It will change one to another one but I could not get it to dupe and remap.

Ah, yes. The right tool is the MIDI Insert “Transformer”

But not the input transformer, which is what I wanted to use - that doesn’t support inserting events, only changing or filtering them. Oh well.

What difference does it make? Use the tool that works, which this does.

Here’s an idea. In addition to your main Track create an extra MIDI Track. Route your MIDI Controller to both Tracks. On the MIDI Track use its Input Transformer to change the CC. Route the MIDI Track’s output to the main Track’s VSTi.

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Steve, there are different ways of doing things for a reason. I’d like to have CC events appear as I want them to on the track, so I can edit them as I choose to, so I want this functionality in the input transformer. Transform is great but I don’t want the extra step, and it behaves differently on the input transformer than it does as a plugin…

That is a cool workaround, but a hair cumbersome for my workflow - but I appreciate the solution - lots of ways to do things in this app!

How so? I am able to see the recorded display in real time. (of interest, maybe – the Input transformer is no more or less a plugin than the midi insert Transformer)


I wonder if you’re using the midi Insert, because it’s the same amount of steps as configuring and using the Input Transformer.

Go to the input transformer dropdown menu in the Inspector.

Select Track and then select Open Panel.

Enable one of the modulation presets.

Look at the bottom right of the window, where it says “Transform”. Click on the popup.

The two options are Filter and Transform.

This is different from the insert.

There’s one way to do what you want.

The midi insert does that. You have to hit the little record enable button on it.

What you want is Midi Macro
So many steps for to limited action with the input transformer for that purpose, it sound like i am a hater :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I mean Input Transformer is really great for many other things but if we try to control multiple CC each with different range modulation/ curve assignment and all with only 1 CC control move it’s just a pain to configure…
For Midi Macro and modulation crazyness, my work around is that plug : MMM vst … it do so much control stuff and so intuitively good and it’s free :sunglasses:
Plus you will also have a X/Y pad control with your mouse, something that is missing in Cubendo, and many other fun features in that plug, so a very powerful tool :wink:

But personally a midi macro feature associate with quick control would be so powerful into Cubendo…

Are you sure, or is that an assumption? You only need to build it once and save in your Template or Track Preset.

It seems like it’s not possible to do both the task you want and do it the way you want. I think you might need to choose between doing it in a manner that is different than how you want or not doing it at all.