Multiple channel settings windows?


When I enter the channel settings for one track and then for another track while the first one is still open, the second one replaces the first one. Not really a big deal but I would like to be able to see two or more channel settings simultaneously for comparing etc, and I think I’ve seen youtube videos with two or more windows open at the same time. But I can’t find any settings for it.
Does anyone know if it’s possible and how to do it?

Alt click the ‘e’ button on the mixer channel. The second window will open over the first, but you can drag it around to reveal the first window you opened. You can then do the same to open a third edit window etc.

Alt-clicking the e button from the mixer window opens the instrument, but it worked from the arrangement (main) window. This will make my life so much easier, thanks a lot!

You’re right, it does for VSTs, I’d forgotten that, I use more live input channels than VSTs. There is a shortcut for VSTs from the mixer, but I can’t remember it and I’m away from the studio.

Glad your sorted though.