Multiple Channels & Events are ALL LINKED!

I’m befuddled here after an hour scouring the boards…

Problem is that I seem to have some type of channel/event combo grouping enabled. I have 5 different channels/events grouped, somehow - so when I go to copy and paste a drum loop, for example, it also copies and pastes whatever events are on those other channels too. Same with delete, etc etc, or anything that involves altering events. Likewise, when I adjust the volume of one of the affected channels, it affects the others.

I have no idea how this happened, and somehow it happened TWICE, because I have two different “groups” this has happened to. One has 5 channels/events linked, the other has 4 (mutually exclusive channels/events, thankfully).

As far as I can tell, the channels are not linked - I tried unlinking them to no avail, and plus, if they WERE linked, this would visibly show when I clicked on one of the channels. Likewise, as far as I can tell, the events/channels are not “grouped” (Edit menu - group/ungroup).

What gives? I am at a dead standstill on this song, unable to change any volume/event data for these affected channels.

SOLVED. I had “group editing” enabled on the 2 FOLDER tracks I was using. This ticker was invisible because I keep my strips physically small, so that just mute, solo and the track names appear. I had never used it before so had no idea where to look.