Multiple Chords at the same exact Times on chord track


I was wondering how this is happening? I have Multiple Chords at the same exact chords on chord track? The show up on my score editor with overlapping tracks.

I the attachment, the Dm chord and Bb chords are with another Dm chords at the same time. If I use eraser tool, I can earse them. I am wondering how this is happening. Cubase should not allow and should not do that in the first place.

Please see the attachment.



You are right, Cubase shouldn’t allow this.

But this can happen in some cases (like Copy + Paste; Cut time, etc.).

Well, this is very bad. Things like this happens often and removing them is difficult. Isn’t it? I hope they fix it.

Whoever wrote the code for 'Global Copy"/copy function/method in the project class, should have excluded the chord track from the global copy/copy in the clipboard.


I’m pretty sure the copy function/method was in Cubase far before the Chord Track. :wink:

I don’t agree. The data should be copied. The conflict should be handled while paste on the Chord Track side.

I agree with you. That being said more comprehensive testing is very important!

Note that there are two ‘classes’ of chord symbols in Cubase, those on the chord track, and the older ones which exist only in the Score Editor.

@chitikin have you verified that this is not user error? In the Score Editor you can copy chord track chords that are displayed via the ‘Show Chord Track’ function, and paste them in the Score Editor- these do not get pasted onto the Chord Track though.

To test this, simply deactive ‘Show Chord Track’ from the Scores>Advanced Layout menu

I have never seen this happen since the chord track was introduced. How would I reproduce this?

Steve, I delete them one at a time. I will check to see what was going on. Thanks for checking.


Chord Track chords that are displayed in the Score Editor can be moved in time, their qualities modified (min, maj, extensions etc) and can be copied and pasted, but not deleted. Such a chord that is copied and pasted within the Score Editor becomes an object of the Score Editor, not the Chord Track, and can be deleted from the Score Editor. Chord Track chords displayed in the Score Editor cannot be deleted there, they can only be deleted from the Project View.

So I’m suggesting that the possibility that you have pasted them from inside the Score Editor might be worth appraisal.

Edit: you posted while I was writing- here is more info.


  • Add a Chord Track.
  • Insert 3 Chords:
    – C - bar 3
    – D - bar 4
    – E - bar 5
  • Select Chords C and D.
  • Place the cursor to bar 4.
  • Make sure Chord Track is selected.
  • Paste.

=> bar 3: C
=> bar 4: C - D
=> bar 5: D - E

Thanks Martin. I understand now. Like you say, this is not a bug per se… But this is not what chikitin has described, though, correct? He says he can delete the pasted chords from inside the Score Editor, therefore they are not Chord Track items, but must have been pasted from inside the Score Editor.


This is what I mean. I apologize if I could not convey it properly.


I hope Steinberg developer team disallow these.