Multiple clefs in successsion

In Bach’s copy of the first edition of BWV 988 there is a page he added at the end with 14 Canons, only discovered in 1974.

These are very technical, and some have multiple clefs in direct conjunction to indicate the solution. How can I do this in Dorico?

Here’s an extract from the autograph:

Dorico doesn’t support adding multiple clefs at the same position, so you’re into the realms of workarounds, for sure. You could add a short note for each clef so that there is a rhythmic position for each clef to attach to, then hide the note’s stem and scale it down to 1% to make it invisible, then close up the space using the note spacing tools in Engrave mode, perhaps.

Just wondering : why wouldn’t using the new Engraving properties “hide notehead” in cunjunction with “hide stem” be a better idea? Sorry if I’m hi-jacking, this really does interest me.

It’s not that hard to create a custom clef for this example. If you’re already using the clefs @Alexander_Ploetz posted here, take one of them you don’t need that has a bass clef definition, and edit it in Music Symbols to be what you want. I’m not really sure which glyph that first clef is, but you could easily do something like this, substituting that glyph for the C clef I used here:

I haven’t tried, and it’s a bit more tricky, but I would think in theory you could even add the double clef in a doricolib file so it’s available in future projects.

I like this idea because it handles the extra spacing automatically. If you can incorporate the key signature for the extra clef(s) and write in the last clef displayed, that might do it.

You can simply define the composite to act as if it were the last clef by itself.

Yes, we need the key signature after the first clef also.