multiple clips in Key Editor

newbie question-

What do I do to be able to see & edit multiple clips in Key Editor without first gluing them together or extending the ranges inside the Key Editor pane?


Simply select multiple midi parts in the project page and open the key editor. Also set the buttons “Edit Active Part Only” and “Show Part Borders” to your preference.

Thanks Steve,

I knew about multiple selection but was hoping there was a I wouldn’t need to always do that. You know what I mean?- opening Key editor & seeing all the parts of the track by clicking anywhere on partial clips.
Is that possible?

What is a partial clip?

All selected midi parts appear in the key editor as long as you have Link Editors checked.

edit: If you want everything on a track to appear select the track without selecting any parts.

There are certain other prefs that affect how it works too.

I have ‘Link Editors’ selected.
What I mean by partial clips are several unglued or split clips that make up an entire track.

e.g. a drum track has 80 measures of one measure midi drum clips, if I double click on one of those clips I only see that one measure in Key Editor.

I’d like to to be able to double click on only one of those clips & see entire 80 measures of clips in Key editor window w/o having to first multiple select them.

I’m not sure if that is an option, but you can open the ME from selected track as a hot key and all events are shown.

If you have to click, and not use a key command, you can group the parts, then they get selected together.

I prefer the keyboard- That way I can use the key command Select None, scroll to the track, then hit ctrl/command-e to open the entire track in the editor.

incidentally, if you activate “Select Track on Background Click” if you click on the project page the track that lines up horizontally gets selected.

Yep, that’s pretty much how I do it. At one time I had “select all on track + open ME” as a macro, but it doesn’t really save keystrokes since you can just open the ME with a track selected.

Thanks, I’ll keep those tips in mind.

I prefer the mouse when editing midi while moving back & worth between Key Editor & track view quickly.
Just used to doing it this way for so long with my previous daw.

No reason you can’t continue to do that … once the ME is open that’s exactly how it works. But, there are editing advantages to the other approach for complex MIDI tracks with a lot of articulations.