Multiple clips selected always - how to get rid off?


Somehow, I was just editing and maybe did something. I managed to get project in a mode that multiple clips are always selected, doesn’t matter which of them I click. In this case, several audio tracks I have in the project are always selected and their clip volume changes get adjusted not individually but all of them!!

I checked that they’re not grouped and grouping them and ungrouping them doesn’t help. I don’t know what a *ell I did, but I cannot change this back, even when closing and opening the project again, grhhh!!

Also, sometimes when duplicating a track, this happens also. Whenever I click a track I did the duplicating from, the adjacent new track selects the same clips, no matter what I do?

This must be a feature, but how to turn it off, I don’t know!!

If they are not grouped then maybe you have folder grouping on.