multiple colors

How do you program colors for several tracks at once?

Select the tracks in the project window (making sure no events are selected). Choose a color from the color drop-down (if this isn’t visible then right-click and make it visible).

It’s the actual channels on the left in the arrangement window (going down) that i want to change multiples colors of.

I can do multiple inputs and outputs with shift/alt but not colors.

If you’re talking about track color then what I said works.

Only migrated fairly recently to N5.5 from 4.3, and one of the things I don’t like is the loss of the colour strip on the bottom of each channel of the mixer to differentiate track types. With a large mixer open, it makes it much easier to see where the audio channels stop and the groups start, or the VSTis or whatever. Of course I could colour the whole track but (in the case of audio and MIDI tracks) then the waveform would also be coloured (I always favour ‘default’, black on grey for waveforms)

I can leave the audio tracks on default and colour just the group and FX channels - that goes some way getting a different appearance, but I have to do it manually each time I create a new track. I would prefer that the tracks could be set to automatically carry a different colour in the mixer.

Am I missing a way to do this?

You can color all Selected tracks at the same time using the Project Logical editor. If you spend 15 minutes setting up presets for each of the 16 colors, you’ll never be bothered with this again.

You’re not missing anything - you’re simply used to how things were in 4.3 and the change to 5.5 will seem a little unfamiliar at first :slight_smile:

You can still color your tracks and events independently if you want and Nuendo 5.5 brings (IMO) better event color display to make it a more pleasant experience. There are numerous preferences related to event color display (and track auto coloring) which can help.

Can you walk me thru this. I’m not logical enough to fully understand project logical editor :wink:

Bye / Tumppi




Be sure that no events are selected or they will be colored also.

Save this as a color1 preset… and repeat the process till you have all 16 saved

Cool, Thanks!

Doesn’t seem to work for me, too bad…

Bye / Tumppi

Here’s a screen grab
Color1 preset.jpg

Aah… I typed color1 not color 1 for action target…
I’ll try again later.
Thanks / Tumppi

You only use 16 colors? :astonished:
My boss is forever giving me grief about my obsessive use of MANY colors (40+) :laughing:

BTW you are my hero for your posts on the PLE, unfortunately for me it does not exist in N3 :cry:


Glad somebody reads them :slight_smile:
you can use as many colors as you want, but the PLE presets are attached to the 16 available colors in your color palette that are not “custom”

you can assign what color goes with what box, that’s up to you.

I read them and your attached pic was a big help.

you can use as many colors as you want, but the PLE presets are attached to the 16 available colors in your color palette that are not “custom”

you can assign what color goes with what box, that’s up to you.

Are you saying you can only have 16 PLE color presets? I have 22 colors and now have a preset for each of them. If you renamed your colors you just have to use the name you gave the color (for instance “DX 1”). Works great Jesse, many thanks!!


I trust that you will all be able to customize these further to suit your needs.

Let’s say you have a big session going and wouldn’t you know it… you need to add a bunch of tracks to accomodate some silly idea the director has. So you do it.

Run “New Track Select” and it will find all your new tracks that say “audio”

Run “DX A name” and it will name all your new tracks “DX A1-x”

… but wait, you already had DX tracks going… now what…

Run “DX A Select”, now it will select all tracks that include “DX A”, then run DX A Name again.

Unfortunately, the N5 gui is so slow in large sessions that this all takes a bit of patients. But fortunately, you can assign these presets once they are programmed to EUCON buttons. I have pages of just these commands. Pro Tools could really use the PLE, hopefully they’ll rip that off too
DX A Select.jpg
DX A name.jpg
DX A Select.jpg

Now you want to quickly arm a certain group of tracks… but your session is so big, it’s a pain to find them all and solo them. Even on your fancy control surface you still have page and page to find them.

Run “DX A select”

Then Run “Selected Rec”

You can swap out “record” for solo, mute, and many others.
Selected Rec.jpg

Remember, things get screwy if you have regions selected when you run these. So it’s a good idea to get in the habit of deselecting everything before.

I’ll be trying these out tomorrow. Next time you’re in Vegas beers are on me! john.