multiple controllers

I have an Alesis midi keyboard attached and use the controller knobs on it to control mxer volume faders, but there aren’t enough knobs to control all the faders. I also have a couple of Korg nanoKontrol fader devices. I cant seem to find a way to use them at the same time. I’ve looked in the studio set-up and tried everything I can think of with the various badly documented panels and menus but nothing seems to work. The Korgs and the Alesis both show up OK in the PC device manager, but there doesn’t seem to be a way in Cubase to assign more than one controller at a time via the USB connections. The Korgs have no midi ports or anything other than the usb connections. Any ideas?


You can add multiple Generic Remote Devices ad assign multiple MIDI devices.

The Korg drivers can be a problem. They will show up just fine in Device Manager but will not actually be viable MIDI ports. Not just Cubase, even the Korg Control Editor won’t see it. It has something to do with an old limit on the number of allowed midi devices - don’t recall the specifics anymore. But I’ve had to fix this twice and it took editing the Registry and removing/re-installing midi devices. You’ll want to download the utility - Uninstall Korg USB-MIDI device.

I found fixing this pretty frustrating as making the same/similar changes won’t work until suddenly it does and it’s not clear what you did differently.

In general you should be able to have multiple USB-MIDI Devices available at the same time - I have 6 different ones (now) running on my DAW - from a variety of vendors Steinberg, Behringer, Line 6, NI and most of the time but not always Korg.

I did a search for KORG on my browser history and here are some links I found related to the issue. Good luck.

I ran into this issue some time ago but I downloaded the latest drivers from Korg (USB and Blutooth) and this issue was resolved. This is for a NanoKontrol Studio.

It was awhile back when I last did this and I’m pretty sure I used the latest driver then - and it didn’t fix it. It would be great if Korg has updated it to avoid this problem. At the moment, since it is all working correctly, I’m reluctant to change the driver. But for the future…

Glad to hear it is currently working. I spent many hours creating a Generic Remote map in Cubase for the NanoKontrol Studio so that I can connect the faders and use the Pick-Up mode (so the faders pick up the onscreen faders where they are instead of resetting them as soon as I touch a fader and messing up my mix…I couldn’t get the jog wheel to behave in a way that made it useful so I just went back to using the Mackie Control built in and I figure I will just note the onscreen fader positions and move the NanoKontrol Studio faders and approximate the current position onscreen and go from there. I checked out your Bandcamp page and checked out a couple tracks. Is this all in the box instruments or is there any acoustic recording beside your vocals?

Happy music making!

I don’t use the Korg for Mixer Faders (got an X-Touch for that) and just use it to send cc data to control various pieces of equipment. So I never needed to config it in the Generic Controller. :smiley:

On the recordings the vocals and most guitars (but not all) are recorded. But most of the rest are VSTi’s. Occasional bits of percussion are recorded too - but the reality is the tambourine in BFD3 sounds better than the one I have across the room.